Organic comfort food with chef Xenis

Xenis is a chef/restauranteur from Dheryneia village. For about 20 years, he and his 3 brothers have been managing the Knight’s Pub & Restaurant in the Pernera touristic area in Protaras, Famagusta (here’s a photo playlist from TripAdvisor in case you haven’t been), on the eastern side of the island of Cyprus with great success. One of the reasons for their success is the way chef Xenis handles his kitchen. Insisting on serving quality food, he uses only the best produce, either purchased fresh from his trusted contacts, or gathered from his own orchard that he tends to on a daily basis. Visiting the orchard every morning to collect fresh vegetables and herbs is a calm way to start off the day and a chance to catch up with his mother. Xenis is another good example of a conscious business owner who is trying to develop his operations in a sustainable manner.


Food abundance in Famagusta

Famagusta’s intensive crop farming methods are proving to put a big strain on the local environment. Extensive use of groundwater pumps has already pulled sea water in many underground aquifers rendering them unusable, and the area’s farmers are in dire need of clean water. The problem though lies in the agricultural methods used. Since the EU is actively looking towards better alternatives in agriculture to tackle food scarcity and environmental damage, we went on to search for alternatives that could be applied in Cyprus.

Even though it’s practically impossible to grow organically amongst ‘traditional’ intensive crop farmers, some people are managing to do it on a small scale. Daniel from Sotira village in Cyprus, is one of them. With his aquaponics systems and his backyard food forest underway, he is an example for alternative methods of agriculture. Being one of the few people we met who are working towards bringing a needed change in our food production culture, Daniel wants to be able to grow enough good food to feed his family of four and sell to the market, without straining the environment.

We are looking to meet more people who are actively involved in making this change happen and document their story. If you are interested in participating, or know someone suitable, please send us a message. More videos to come soon.

Organic Farming in Cyprus

20 years on, Cyprus is still struggling to embrace organic agriculture.

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2nd spring season for 2015 in Lithuania!

We travelled to Lithuania when it started getting hot in Cyprus to enjoy a second spring and get more opportunities to learn more about urban gardening. Luckily we stumbled upon an abundant supply of pallets and a patch overrun by strawberries gone wild, so we got to work and documented our process!

2015 pallettes15

Re-domesticating strawberries

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Coffee addiction and seeds germination.

We have been working really hard on our content gathering and drinking lots of coffee at the Pocket Planter HQ, and as a result we are left with lots of empty coffee cans, so we decided to have another small project and plant some seeds in them. We hadn’t prepared any home-made seeds, so we just went to the closest gardening store and bought some!


Lettuce, lavender, watermelon and squash!

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1st spring season for Pocket Planter in Cyprus – 2015

It’s Spring time and our neighbour’s almond tree has fully blossomed and looks so beautiful! It’s our Pocket Planter project’s first spring and like every year, spring is the ideal season to get involved with gardening. This year we want to grow our own food, so it’s time to start planting!


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What is this app idea we are talking about?

Pocket Planter is an agricultural web application for both enthusiasts and professionals that provides necessary tools and knowledge to help users develop agricultural skills for business development or hobby gardening.

There are several different things Pocket Planter can be used for:

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