Pocket Planter is here!

Dear World,

We are Pocket Planter! A group of people dedicated into unlocking the secrets of agriculture and bringing food production into our own homes and this blog is where it all begins!

Actually it all began with our need to gain access to good nutritious food. We were thinking of starting up a small farm to grow our own organic strawberries at a plot we had access to in the Famagusta region in Cyprus. We had little experience with gardening and we’d have to learn a lot about this new business, that even though has very little start-up costs, has a lot of knowledge that needs to be acquired in order to be successful.

At that time, a project by a collaboration of Cypriot NGOs namely Mahallae and RENEWAL project was running a project to improve job quality in the Famagusta region and we thought we’d apply with our strawberry plantation idea, only to be told that they were looking into digital solutions.

After giving it some thought we thought since we have to gather all that data and information to start our own little farm, why not publish that data into helpful guides that could enable a lot more people than only us to embark into such endeavours.

So we decided to launch Pocket Planter. A social platform, an information desk, a marketplace, everything that can help people get into gardening and improve their quality of life.

This blog will document our progress as we learn more and grow, as a company and as a community.


Pocket Planter10258363_920728117972172_1668778207527994877_n


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