Food abundance in Famagusta

Famagusta’s intensive crop farming methods are proving to put a big strain on the local environment. Extensive use of groundwater pumps has already pulled sea water in many underground aquifers rendering them unusable, and the area’s farmers are in dire need of clean water. The problem though lies in the agricultural methods used. Since the EU is actively looking towards better alternatives in agriculture to tackle food scarcity and environmental damage, we went on to search for alternatives that could be applied in Cyprus.

Even though it’s practically impossible to grow organically amongst ‘traditional’ intensive crop farmers, some people are managing to do it on a small scale. Daniel from Sotira village in Cyprus, is one of them. With his aquaponics systems and his backyard food forest underway, he is an example for alternative methods of agriculture. Being one of the few people we met who are working towards bringing a needed change in our food production culture, Daniel wants to be able to grow enough good food to feed his family of four and sell to the market, without straining the environment.

We are looking to meet more people who are actively involved in making this change happen and document their story. If you are interested in participating, or know someone suitable, please send us a message. More videos to come soon.


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