What is this app idea we are talking about?

Pocket Planter is an agricultural web application for both enthusiasts and professionals that provides necessary tools and knowledge to help users develop agricultural skills for business development or hobby gardening.

There are several different things Pocket Planter can be used for:

Firstly, a highly customizable project creation wizard and tools like farming calendar, weather forecast and predictive troubleshooting will guide the users through the implementation of their farming projects.

Secondly, the app helps promote healthier practices for more efficiency and less environmental impact providing users with best practices.

Thirdly, the app will allow users to get connected, learn from each other, and build joint ventures or communal gardens by facilitating the creation of a social network using tools such as news alerts, instant messaging and geo-tagging.

Lastly, Pocket Planter gives producers the opportunity to promote their products by giving them access straight to the interested buyers and facilitating the creation of a shared marketplace where they can post available and expected products as well as available jobs and land for hire.

This project has the potential to become a hub that connects the regional agricultural business sector on multiple levels directly to the consumers and professional agricultural markets. We believe our product will provide a social service to people in need of guidance in this relevant subject and improve the people’s relationship with food and the land.

We want to be able to make this app available for free and to as many platforms as possible and for that we need all the support we can get.

Right now, we are gathering data to incorporate in the app and are building prototype for mobile devices. We need help from coders and agronomists who are interested in participating in this project. We are also accepting donations from people who want to help us kick start the project. For more information please contact us directly at pocketplanter@gmail.com


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