2nd spring season for 2015 in Lithuania!

We travelled to Lithuania when it started getting hot in Cyprus to enjoy a second spring and get more opportunities to learn more about urban gardening. Luckily we stumbled upon an abundant supply of pallets and a patch overrun by strawberries gone wild, so we got to work and documented our process!

2015 pallettes15

Re-domesticating strawberries

We love seeing nature taking over and bringing life to every little crack of the city and we are happy to see Nicosia and Vilnius sharing that trait. Can someone identify what’s growing on this balcony?

In another garden in the outskirts of Vilnius, we found a patch containing raspberry bushes and some strawberry plants that went wild and took over the whole patch, putting a strain on the raspberry bushes’ growth. We decided to make some raised beds using found pallets and containing the strawberries in a more manageable way. Here’s how we did it:

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Things we used for each pallet:

  • approximately 1.5m x 1.1m of black gardening fabric to cover the base and the sides.
  •  1 loaded stapler gun
  • about two loaded wheel carts of mixed soil

Notes on mixing soil:

We took soil from the ground in the area when it was wet and after we cleared it from rocks, weeds, roots etc, we mixed it with some compost soil for extra nutrients and some peat for better soil drainage and aeration.

If you are using your own compost make sure that it was broken down into humus well (it should look and smell like soil). The best is to incorporate it into the soil a month before planting, but ain’t nobody got time for that so we got some ready made compost soil and peat moss from a DIY store.

Peat moss makes your soil more acidic, so if you need you can counter its effects by adding some lime. You can test your soil’s pH with cheap kits at the DIY store. We’ll post more details on soil preparation at a later post.

Until then, keep on planting everywhere you can!


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