Coffee addiction and seeds germination.

We have been working really hard on our content gathering and drinking lots of coffee at the Pocket Planter HQ, and as a result we are left with lots of empty coffee cans, so we decided to have another small project and plant some seeds in them. We hadn’t prepared any home-made seeds, so we just went to the closest gardening store and bought some!


Lettuce, lavender, watermelon and squash!

Note: used coffee grounds are really good for composting because of high nitrogen level! Ask your local coffee house to give you some for free!

You can decorate your pots using materials that everybody has at home:

Old magazines + stick glue + transparent duct-tape (for a glossy finish)

Or anything else you might have available. Paints work, and so do spray paints and glues. Just remember to pierce some holes on the bottom of your cans for drainage!


Lettuce was the #1 winner in our fastest germination competition! Squash came in second, whereas lavender and watermelons took their time!

Note: Don’t forget that humidity in soil depends on the weather, so its crucial to check up on your plants often, especially if its really hot. If soil is not humid enough or temperature is too low or too high, your seeds might not germinate.

all pots

Don’t give up on your seeds too fast, because sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks or more to germinate into seedlings.  If you are living in a warm climate, all you have to do is just make a little hole in the soil and throw in a couple of seeds, then cover the top with a bit of soil and water whenever the soil feels dry. That’s it! Expect to see results soon. We’ll discuss more on growing from seeds in a colder climate at a later post. Also don’t forget about good timing, keeping a gardening calendar is very important for successful gardeners!


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